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Allendale (NJ) Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

Many people will say that Allendale is one of the friendliest towns in Bergen County. From its beautiful neighborhoods to its award-winning schools to its charming Main Street, it is a model of American small-town ambiance.

If you live in Allendale, your home likely has its own character too. It represents your style, personality and definition of comfort. That’s why when you are planning for remodeling, you want to work with specialists who can maintain that character while achieving the function and look that you’re after.

Royal Kitchens & Baths provides custom kitchen and bathroom remodeling for Allendale homeowners. From the start, we listen to you, learn about you and guide your inspiration from concept to reality.

The kitchen and the bathroom are both vital rooms of your Allendale home. When you’re in the kitchen, it can be as much a place for family time and social connection as it is for cooking and baking. The bathroom is often a place of refuge where quiet and comfort are a big part of what you call home.

With us as your partner, you can create the custom kitchen and bath you truly desire.

All You Require for Allendale (NJ) Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

Having remodeled diverse kitchens and bathrooms for Allendale homeowners, we understand the things you would expect from a contractor.

You want professional guidance that informs and supports the right decisions and choices. You want clarity, skill, honesty and timeliness, as well as proper licensing, bonding and insurance in addition to work reinforced by a warranty.

You also do not want a repeat of any bad experiences you may have had in the past. You should be able to feel that the objectives and details of your project are priorities being properly managed by capable professionals.

Allendale (NJ) Remodeling: Your Kitchen

Royal Kitchens & Baths is a team of design-build specialists who can advise you on how to make the best use of your kitchen space as you update its function and style.

We will help you through the steps of your kitchen remodel, including:

  • identifying wants and needs (e.g. layout, cabinetry, flooring, appliances)
  • setting your budget
  • finishing the floor plan
  • setting the timeline
  • starting construction and installation!

Whether contemporary, Colonial American or another theme that you desire, your remodeled kitchen will become space where you look forward to spending time and inviting others to join you.

Experienced Leadership for Allendale Kitchen Remodeling

Our kitchen remodeling team is led by owner Vincent A. Castiello, a 40-year industry veteran with the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD) distinction. The credential is given only to those who meet the requirements to have at least seven years of experience, 60 hours of approved education, two client references, two professional affidavits and a passing score on the CKD exam.

Vincent is also a professional trainer and educator in kitchen sales and design.

Allendale (NJ) Remodeling: Your Bathroom

Whether you’re looking to replace a shower or bathtub or transform your bathroom into a luxurious retreat, we will manage whatever you may require in creating your concept and theme.

To ensure you can consider your project from all angles, we will provide you with a complete questionnaire. You can also find further inspiration for products, materials and accessories in our showroom.

Your project can include a computerized floor plan and 3D rendering for review and discussion as well. When it’s time for construction, we will take care of all assignments, deliveries and paperwork, including permits and inspections.

Allendale (NJ) Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling: Let’s Get Started

Your kitchen or bathroom remodel in Allendale is as much about trust and relationships as it is about excellent work. With Royal Kitchens & Baths, you can look forward to the process and love the result. Whatever you have in mind for your kitchen or bathroom, we would enjoy hearing about it and discussing it with you. Call us at (866) 966-4575 or fill out our online consultation form today!